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Origins of the brand

With the participation of the best European animal dietitians, we have developed a diet that meets the high requirements of carnivorous animals. The production of Ultra Premium quality food based on fresh meat requires innovative technology and modern production solutions. Many producers considered it impossible and unprofitable to produce such high quality food, and finally we found production lines with the right technology and people sharing our vision of a significant improvement in the quality of carnivorous animal nutrition. The first line of Coyote Pet Food products became the result of intensive work of many involved, passionate people.


Join the Coyote sales network. We invite you to cooperate with pet shops that value high quality of products sold.

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Coyote Breeders Club

Coyote is not only a precisely made product, it is a philosophy of nutrition that will make your carnivores get a healthy start into the future. True breeders are distinguished by passion, care for health, living conditions, as well as proper nutrition of their pets. Wishing to participate in this conscious path towards growing up, we would like to accompany and support you from the very beginning.

Are you a breeder? Feel free to contact us and we will present you the advantages of becoming a member of the Coyote Breeders Club.

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